Ally provides safety, education, and work opportunities to women and children affected by abuse or exploitation.

Our Donor Promise

We work with professional social workers, teachers and counsellors around the world. They are fluent in the local language and culture. 

Our national leaders are trained and trusted.

We take your donations seriously. We report on every dollar spent and make thoughtful financial decisions.

We’re transparent with our finances.

Our funded international projects are run by professional local staff, and monitored and visited by our Canadian Ally staff.

We’re hands-on with projects.

The Ally Team

Randy is the Executive Director and Founder of Ally. In his role, he oversees the vision and direction of the charity, focused on empowering national leaders in the countries where Ally works. An accomplished entrepreneur, Randy has founded multiple businesses and projects in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors over the last decade.

Alongside fundraising teams, Randy has raised millions for development projects in Haiti, Iraq, Uganda, Nepal and India. He’s lead over 30 international volunteer teams in 14 countries. Randy has his Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management (PGDPM) and a Red Seal in Carpentry. Randy lives with his wife Jamie and pup Harley in Vancouver.

Randy Watson

Executive Director

Eric is Principal at Veto Studio and has worked in the marketing industry for more than 10 years. His passion is creating strategic and creative storytelling that builds brands in a meaningful way. Eric has worked for agencies like CREW Marketing Partners, Agency Media, and Veto Studio while subcontracting for many more on both traditional and digital campaigns.

The majority of Eric’s clients are from the non-profit arena and he’s driven by the desire to give voice to those who need it. When Eric is not at work, he spends time with his talented wife Melody, a Vancouver commercial photographer, daughters London and Violet, and pups Maybe and Charlie. And on the disc golf course. Fore.

Eric Davis

creative Director

Meet the Ally Board

Our Core Values


Every human being deserves respect, compassion and dignity. We take the time to understand and respond to the unique needs of individuals.


We make decisions with honesty and loyalty to strong moral and ethical principles. We are transparent with our finances, time and effort.


We give our time, resources, and finances so others can be empowered. This is core to who we are as an organization and a pivotal value for every member of our team.


We look for new ways to create sustainable and effective development work, prioritizing local leaders in the communities where we work.


We believe every person can make a difference. We collaborate with a diverse group of volunteers and partners to be an Ally for others.

National Director of Nepal Project

“When I see girls restored and happy, who were once hurt physically, emotionally and mentally… those are the happiest moments for me.”

Working in Anti-Trafficking for 18 years
(name withheld for safety)


Protecting the vulnerable and restoring the abused.

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