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sona asked if she could share her story.

One of the brave survivors of human trafficking in our safe homes, Sona, asked us if she could share her story of abuse, rescue and healing. If her story could prevent other children from being trafficked, she wanted her story to be told.

Sona’s true story became the script for The Twelve Thousand and the catalyst for a campaign to build new safe homes in Nepal.

a catalyst for change

For nearly 20 years, our local partner in Nepal has restored over 600 rescued children through their safe homes. However, the multiple facilities they require are all rented, making them vulnerable to eviction, security risks, annual rent increases and an overall lack of space to restore more children.

Our team has the ability and the passion to restore more survivors of abuse, but our safe home facilities don't. To increase our capacity to care for more brave survivors, we need permanent facilities to call our own.

We have a waiting list of rescued children that need a place to call home.

why we're building

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Our new safe home facilities will provide:

Buying land and building our own facilities will drop our annual operational expenses by nearly 40 percent. After the project is completed, we plan to work toward further operational sustainability by creating social venture businesses. These businesses will hire our safe home graduates and subsidize the organization’s operational expenses.

Long-Term Sustainability

All of our current safe homes, schools and buildings are leased, which lends itself to instability for our local partner. Without warning, up to 40 children and leaders in a safe home could have to find another suitable building in a few short weeks. A sense of stability is an important piece of the restorative process for the children in our care. Our own facilities will provide a permanent space we can depend on and allow for customized security features.  Specific children often require increased security due to the close proximity of their abusers–a challenge in rented facilities.


Our current safe homes are running at-capacity, and we don’t have space to welcome more children who have been rescued. Our new homes will expand our capacity to care for children in Nepal and be designed with the unique needs of the homes in mind.

Increased Capacity

Our prevention team visits rural at-risk communities to provide anti-trafficking education. An adapted version of The Twelve Thousand film is also shown to increase awareness of the dangers of trafficking. Our new facility will provide a training space for our prevention team and increase program efficiency.

Growth of
Prevention Programs 

Over the last 20 years, our local partner has restored more than 600 children who are now living healthy, independent lives. Their care model is proven and we want to expand the safe home and prevention model throughout Asia and the world. This new facility will serve as a training centre for national leaders in surrounding countries. Leaders can be educated and equipped to lead in their own country and context–with the support of our larger team. 

Leadership Training


Every safe home is designed to create a family environment and a dignifying personal space for each child. Additionally, a high-security safe home nearby will care for children who need increased security due to the close proximity of their abusers.


Primary and nursery classrooms are for the rescued children in our safe homes and for children from local low-income families. The secondary school will have a specialized class for new students starting education at an advanced age who require specific teaching.


This centre will include facilities for sewing training; a bakery/prep kitchen for both teaching and use for large gatherings; an art centre; a salon and cosmetology training centre; a basic mechanics/motorcycle shop.


Our transitional program helps young adults who have recovered in our safe homes begin to lead independent lives. Graduates find work and move to an apartment together in groups of two to four. They support one another, while staying connected to our greater community like an extended family. Each building will have four two-bedroom suites.

transitional housing

Our Finance, Scholarship, Prevention and Leadership teams will work from the first two floors of this space. The third floor will be a clinically informed trauma and counselling centre, separate from the clinical building. This will allow individuals to receive therapy while maintaining a level of anonymity from the rest of the homes.


Routine checkups and medication management for individuals can be completed on-site in our small clinic. The building will contain a small medical storage room, two exam rooms and an emergency/trauma room. Nurses who have come through our recovery program will run this clinic.


A safe place for survivors to heal.

We are raising $5 million to build new safe home facilities in Nepal. These facilities will provide long-term organizational stability, expand prevention work throughout the region and impact generations to come.

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Together, we can make this new facility a reality.

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