Women and children in developing communities are being targeted and exploited by human traffickers. 

Without access to education or work opportunities, individuals feel powerless and are at-risk of violence, abuse or trafficking.

Ally provides safe homes, education and work opportunities for trafficked women and children

 (and those at-risk of exploitation) so they can enjoy healthy, independent lives.

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Our Restoration Process

Every woman or child welcomed into our homes has a unique story, requiring individual healing and care. Understanding that trauma is healed slowly, we don’t place limits on an individual’s stay. Our safe homes operate like a family, helping each woman or child grow into health.

We provide safe homes for women and children who have been trafficked or are at high-risk of being trafficked.

We restore self-worth and confidence through care, counselling, educational and vocational opportunities.

When young adults desire to gain independence, our social workers support reintegration through long-term community support.




Our Work

Our safe homes and education projects happen in partnership with trusted local leaders. The empowerment and involvement of local communities and national leaders are vital to our impact.




“When I was 12, I was trafficked to India. I was told I would be able to attend school. I believed them. I never went to school.”

Survivor of Human Trafficking, now 25 years old


Every person wants to feel loved and protected. 

Human traffickers target vulnerable communities, manipulating women and children into slavery. When survivors are rescued after being traumatized, they struggle to reintegrate back into society. Victims feel ashamed and unworthy of love. 

The healing process in our safe homes doesn’t happen quickly: it takes years of care and love. Survivors need safety, education and work opportunities in order to heal and thrive.

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We believe every survivor of trafficking deserves long-term care and love. For the last 20 years, our safe homes have restored survivors of trafficking and cared for women and children at-risk. Our work in Nepal and Laos has helped over 600 women and children find new life and independence.

We run safe homes where individuals can receive counselling and build healthy relationships with others. We empower individuals through education in healthy environments so they can learn and grow. When survivors are ready to be independent, we support reintegration through vocational training and long-term community support.

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Bring healing and restoration to women and children.

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